I'm Laura Bashore a career coach and expert resume writer.


I’m the founder of Anew Resume and Career Services. As a career coach, expert resume writer, and LinkedIn Pro, and I provide valuable tools and professional insight to help aspiring managers and current leaders take their careers to the next level.

I’m particularly skilled at pin-pointing transferable and desirable skills that help professionals feel more competitive and confident so they land more interviews and get better offers.

I believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for career success, which is why when coaching my clients, I create an individualized action plan

—custom to each client’s personal and professional goals, skills, and strengths—to achieve professional growth and success. I hope to help my clients find the keys to success by setting high objectives and achieving them through the strategic execution of smaller goals.

I have over ten years of expertise advising and guiding professionals through career advancement. Throughout my career, I’ve ascended into managerial and executive positions in various industries from small to medium businesses, enterprise progression from private to public, corporate settings, for-profit and non-profit organizations. In addition to real-world experience, I have a BA in Psychology and I’m a member of the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA). I’m a life-long learner, who stays on top of current trends.

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I am driven to help professionals succeed! I ran a local career center starting in 2012 – we were still recovering from the 2008 recession, and many professionals were adjusting to the new job market. During my tenure, I helped professionals transition to new industries/careers, get hired after long-term unemployment, and receive federal-funded training. I found my calling, and I knew I wanted to continue empowering clients to find their path too.

Then I had my first son – he had different plans for me. I reluctantly had to step down from my position. In my “spare” time as a new mother, I had former colleagues, friends, and family ask for my assistance in preparing Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and Interview Prep.

The catalyst for opening Anew Resume and Career Services came when I helped a former colleague named Harry. Harry shared with me his job search was approaching one year without any results.

I reworked Harry’s resume, and within a few weeks, he got an interview and accepted his job offer with a commiserate salary! That was my “Aha” moment. I began working on my business plan the next day!

“Without music, life would be blank to me.”

– Jane Austin

I love my work and helping clients find strengths they don’t realize they have. Find what inspires you and build on it. Outside of work, my days include spending time with my husband and two adventurous boys. I unwind by attending a great concert, music festival, art gallery, museum, and trying new things. 

No matter what mood I’m in, I can always find a song to amplify the moment. Music helps me pursue and goals and inspires me to keep moving forward.

When I was younger, I wanted to be three things – a Rockstar, a Lawyer, and an Author. The great thing about my work is I get to write every day!

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