Career Change: When to Walk Away from a “Good Job.”

I felt this way about my job for some time and could not figure out how to change my situation until the morning I cried.

One Monday morning, a woman drove into the parking garage of her “Good Job” and began to sob openly. The thought of walking into the building ignited a level of anxiety and sadness, causing her, a grown woman, to cry. But Why? She made great money, was in upper management, career goals she worked hard to achieve. In addition, the woman was getting married in two months. Why was she sad?

That woman was me. I felt this way about my job for some time and could not figure out how to change my situation until the morning I cried.

And that was it. I went into the building, asked to speak with my Director and quite that very morning.

In hindsight, I should have left my job three months before I did. Then I could have given two weeks’ notice, and possibly avoided that morning. 

I was even offered to give two weeks notice, but I was so burned out I asked if l could leave.Thankfully, my boss agreed and walked me out with no malice — the joys of having a good boss.

Was it the right time to leave with no employment prospects and a looming wedding?

My answer is YES!

I felt immediate relief. That morning turned into the happiest morning I experienced in months. My co-workers, friends, and family did not have the same response. But I was not concerned about my future.

And upon reflection, I know why.

I was confident in my TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. I knew my value, and because I had risen to management positions in multiple industries throughout my career, I knew how to highlight my expertise and discuss my attributes in the interview process.

But most professionals, even those in management positions, do not know how to write or discuss their transferable skills.

Are you one of these professionals? Let’s change that!

I’ve created a four-series set of posts to share over the next four weeks that discuss transferable skills in detail.

Here’s what I will discuss:

7/23/19 – What are transferable skills and how to determine your transferable skills

7/30/19 – Top Soft Skills /Top Hard Skills. And examples of how they transfer between industries

8/6/19 – How to display your transferable skills on your resume

8/13/19 – How to discuss your transferable skills in your interview

Until next Tuesday…


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