Does Your LinkedIn URL Belong on Your Resume?

The resounding answer to this question is yes!

However, before you add your LinkedIn profile to your resumé, let us discuss why and how to make sure your profile and URL are ready.

In the current job market, you are expected to have a LinkedIn profile URL in your header.  Adding your LinkedIn profile can provide detail of your work history beyond the standard 10-15 years on your resumé. Displaying your LinkedIn profile URL shows an employer your dedication to your job search and comfortable with current technology and forms of communication.  

But while your URL is essential, please make sure you have edited the URL and removed the random numbers LinkedIn assigns when you initially create the profile. Leaving these random numbers shows a lack of attention to detail, and while you understand you should have a profile, you may not know how to use it.

Here is an example of what a URL could look like:

Change this URL to:

The change is a simple edit. Go into your view profile setting and click on edit profile. You will see a blue pencil next to your URL. Click on the pencil, erase the numbers and save. If you have a common name, try adding your middle initial or full middle name. Please do not add numbers; you will defeat the purpose.

Once you update your URL and add the URL to your resume, check your LinkedIn profile to be sure the information is up-to-date, typos are non-existent and that you have a profile picture and banner picture.

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