Free Job Search Resources – How to Navigate the COVID – 19 Job Market

Resource List for Job Seekers - Tools and websites to aid job seekers across industires and career levels. Tips from a former workforce developement career counselor.

The Corona Virus has drastically changed how we conduct our business and lives – is the understatement of the year. Many professionals have lost or will lose their jobs, industries are and will continue to shift, and many will need to change professions.

Although we may find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed, and spent – there are things we can do to gain as much control as we possibly can in our professional lives.

My approach to life and my work is realism with a dash of optimism and the confidence that I can find multiple solutions to any given problem. That’s what I do; I look for a competitive edge—during this time, competitive means staying informed and proactive.

Yes, things are changing.

But if we are honest, things are always changing. I don’t always like change, but I live by the following quote, 

“The only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus (Greek philosopher)

Before I started my own business in 2016, I managed a local workforce development/career center in Southern California. At my center, we worked with professionals in the manufacturing assembly line up to Sr. Engineers and HR Directors. No matter where you are in your career or what industry you are in/transitioning into, the tools and advice below will work for you!


  1. Onet Online:

I learned about Onet during my time managing a career center in Escondido, CA. You can look up your current job and desired occupation to find transferable skills with explanations and examples of those skills in use for the industry/occupation of choice.

The site is easy to navigate and straight forward. It’s a great tool!

  1. US Bureau of Labor Statistics

This resource is how news and media outlets get monthly, quarterly, annual employment numbers. You can find unemployment, job openings, average hourly wages, government policies, and updates. There are also resources based on profession and industry.

  1. CA Career Zone:

Yes, this says California because it uses stats and data from the state. However, the same information is useful, regardless of where you reside. This tool is for the professional interested in an in-depth evaluation of skills and career paths. The service is free, but be forewarned, this takes time. And if you do not like taking tests, then avoid this tool.

Here are the three tests I recommend:

Interests Profiler



  1. Onet Online – Military “crosswalk” MOC:

During my time with the career center, I found transitioning Military Members struggling to identify transferable skills and successfully transfer those skills to Civilian language. Onet has a tab labeled “crosswalk” that allows you to enter the branch and corresponding MOC to help identify skills and how they transfer to related industries and positions.

  1. Occupational Outlook Handbook:

Find current projections for your industry and role. Use the ooh if you are interested in a career transition because it gives projections on growing industries and describes transferable skills.

Business professionals from all industries and at any level can use the tools I described above to help pinpoint transferable skills. Remember, these tools provide a foundation in transferable skills and can help you take control of your career path.

**LinkedIn User Tip**  

If you have a LinkedIn Prime account, you gain additional stats and insight for descriptions. If this is in your monthly budget, I highly recommend you take advantage.

Although this may be your first time hearing of these tools, it’s not because they have little value—quite the opposite. As with most free resources, there is no advertising. But these tools help me understand my clients as a career counselor, and they will help you too. The current job market dictates many professionals will need these tools.

I cannot personally help each person, but I can share the knowledge and tools you can use to advance your career. Every Tuesday, I share my experience and actionable advice through Ruby Tuesday Career Blog. I am also available for a free consultation to discuss how I can refresh your resume, LinkedIn profile, and Interview skills. or contact directly at

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