How Do You Say Thank You? Is the Thank You Card Dead?

No!!! The Thank You card is not dead! Here’s how I know.

I have a girlfriend that has sent me handwritten cards since we were ten years young. Without fully giving away my age, its been a few decades. These cards come to say thank you or simply that she is thinking of me. And while I am not as diligent as her, I love receiving the cards.

Have you ever received a Thank You card and not felt joy? It’s a nice way to say Thank You.

I know we all use technology and even rely on email to communicate, but don’t do this for a Thank You. Taking the time to handwrite a Thank You note does two things; one it shows you care and two you understand how to make another human feel significant.

When to send a Thank You

1. Send a Thank You card after a job well done. Did someone go above and beyond in customer service? Then send a quick note.

2. After a great job interview. Yes, an email may reach the inbox sooner, but a card will get opened and read!

3. After each customer you serve. Include your business cards so the customer can easily refer you to a colleague, friend, or family member. I don’t know about you, but I love referrals! And a simple Thank You goes a long way to solidify your relationship with your customer.

One more thing, please hand write your Thank You. Do not use script font from your computer. Personally, this defeats the purpose of your card. Either write by hand or don’t send it at all!

Until next Tuesday…

Comment Below: Who is the last person you sent/received a Thank You card from? How did it make you feel?

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