How to Capitalize on LinkedIn During COVID-19

Right now, companies are looking for dynamic professionals that can shine through virtual technology. What does your LinkedIn page say about you?

Human connection is so important to make us feel like one with the community. Right now, companies are looking for dynamic professionals that can shine through virtual technology. What does your LinkedIn page say about you?


Below are actionable tips that can help you convey the right message. And as I know we are all pressed for time, these tips are easy to implement!


  1. Turn “OFF” the competition

Have you ever glanced at the right-hand side of your profile and wondered why your page displays professionals that could be deemed as your competition? Go under Settings and Privacy and scroll to the “view” section. Make sure the button is slid to the “NO” position. And the problem is solved! Let’s keep interested parties on your page!


  1. Get Noticed – Display your photo to more than your connections

According to, your profile is 21 times more likely to get viewed if you have a profile photo.

While you may have a profile photo, did you know that your privacy settings in LinkedIn may be automatically set restricting the view of your profile photo to your contacts? If your settings only allow connections to view your profile then when anyone else searches your profile your picture will not display. What this means for you and your brand is that potentially valuable connections may not reach out and you ultimately may miss out on an extortionary opportunity. Here is a visual to check and fix this problem:


Click on Settings and Privacy

Then click Edit your public profile

Next, you should see this, click the bottom option to make your profile photo public.

Your profile’s public visibility


Configure the visibility of your public profile sections

  • Basic (required)

Name, number of connections, industry, and region

  • Configure the visibility of your public profile picture

Profile Photo

  • Your connections

Only LinkedIn members directly connected to you.

  • Your network

Only LinkedIn members connected up to three degrees away from you.

  • All LinkedIn Members
  • Public

All LinkedIn members, and others who find you via search engines and other services



  1. Update the Headline – from the mobile app

The headline is the first SEO used to find candidates. Do not waste this space with your current or most recent job title – there is an experience section. Instead, use common keywords you would use to find a job. The headline can have 120 characters, take advantage of this space. If you are an avid user, here is a pro tip: You get between 20 – 30 more characters if you make update your headline on the app. It’s a great way to add a tagline and stand out from the crowd 😊

Please do not use this section to state you are looking for work. Not only is it not necessary – see the next tip for further explanation, but this is a major pet peeve of every recruiter I know!


  1. Open to Opportunities – Now there’s a place to display

You can place up to five job titles in this new section. Make sure you keep this open to recruiters only – if a hiring manager within your organization goes to your page, he/she may be able to see this button is clicked. But for the most part, no one in your company will be the wiser. You can also click the remote button to show you are open to the opportunity.


  1. About

Has it been a while since you’ve touched this section? I know I need to refresh the About section on my profile too! Let’s commit to taking a look with a fresh set of eyes and perspective. What is missing? What have you accomplished in the past six months that is not displayed?


Remember – A robust professional portfolio utilizes all platforms to engage potential employers, employees, and clients. Remember to take full advantage of the resources available to improve your professional brand.


Until next Tuesday…





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