How to Win Employers Over with Your LinkedIn Profile

How many views does your LinkedIn Profile get in a day, week, or month? This week I share quick, easy, actionable tips to help increase your views!

How many views does your LinkedIn Profile get in a day, week, or month – 10, 20, 30 plus?

Last week my profile had 174 views! If that sounds like a lot, let me share my views were down 34% from the week before.

While everyone has an opinion about how to get more views on the social media platform, I want to share quick, easy, actionable tips to help increase your views!


  1. Vanity URL – The Vanity URL is the link used to find you on LinkedIn.


Place your URL on all professional, promotional material, e.g., Resume/Cover Letter Header, Business Cards, Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), Job Board Profiles (, Caljobs, Industry Specific Boards, etc.), Website, and more.


  1. Visible Profile Photo – According to your profile is 21 times more likely to get viewed if you have a profile photo.


While you may have a profile photo, did you know that your privacy settings in LinkedIn may be automatically set restricting the view of your profile photo to your contacts. If your settings only allow connections to view your profile then when anyone else searches your profile your picture will not display. What this means for you and your brand is that potentially valuable connections may not reach out and you ultimately may miss out on an extortionary opportunity. Here is a visual to check and fix this problem:


Click on Settings and Privacy

Then click Edit your public profile


Next, you should see this, click the bottom option to make your profile photo public.

Your profile’s public visibility”On”

Configure the visibility of your public profile sections

  • Basic (required)

Name, number of connections, industry, and region

  • Configure the visibility of your public profile picture

Profile Photo

  • Your connections

Only LinkedIn members directly connected to you.

  • Your network

Only LinkedIn members connected up to three degrees away from you.

  • All LinkedIn Members
  • Public

All LinkedIn members, and others who find you via search engines and other services



  1. Turn off the Competition –

Have you ever noticed a list of professionals with similar positions on your home page? Why is your competition showing up on your page?


Under Privacy and Settings there is “Viewers of this profile also viewed” section. Click “No!” Now your competition will not appear on your profile on the right-hand side. Let’s keep people on your page 😊




  1. Headline –

Your Headline can have up to 120 characters in it. What that means is if you put current industry searched words in your Headline, then you will be found more readily. Also, most people are not aware of this and just put their current title, which is redundant because that shows up right below your Headline. We make the first line of the summary visible in search mode and people will still see your tag line and you will maximize the SEO for the Headline section.


  1. The About Section (formerly the Summary Section) –                                                                                                                Did you know the first line from your summary is displayed when someone searches for you and your profile?


Please do not overlook the About section on your LinkedIn Profile. The summary should not be a copy and paste job from your resume or the opening line of your cover letter. Why would anyone continue reading your LinkedIn profile if the first impression is repetitive information? Instead, show some personality. And please utilize the first person in your writing. After all, this is a social networking platform. Just remember to keep it professional, this is NOT Facebook!


Ask yourself the following questions:

What drives you? What do you bring to the table that is unique?

Why does any employer what to hire you?


  1. Skills Section – SEO Keywords

Enhance your page SEO by completing all 50 keyword slots. This is another search field for recruiters and professionals looking for individuals with your skill set.


  1. Profile Strength – “All-Star”

When you have an “All-Star” account, LinkedIn rewards you by placing you in the first line of searchable profiles. What that means is if you and another candidate have the same qualifications, but your profile is complete, you will pop up first in a search versus someone with an intermediate or advanced profile.


  1. Get Engaged and Make Connections –

Yes, LinkedIn is a social platform! If you do not use the platform you will not reap the reward. Fun fact, recruiters are more likely to view the page of a person with shared connections. Remember people gravitate towards those they know, like, and trust. You can build trust with by connecting and adding value to your network.



A robust professional portfolio utilizes all platforms to engage potential employers, employees, and clients. Remember to take full advantage of the resources available to improve your professional brand.


Comment Below: Tell me one thing you can do today to improve your LinkedIn Profile!

Until next Tuesday…


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