Interview Questions That Stump: Tell Me About Yourself.

It’s the first question in your interview, and it sets the tone. The interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself.”
And you’re stuck. What does the interviewer(s) want to know? Do I tell them about my likes, hobbies? No!
Don’t let the question fool you. The interviewer wants to know who you are as a PROFESSIONAL or EMPLOYEE. So, how do you sum up your career? With your Elevator Pitch of course.
Click here for a quick refresher on the Elevator Pitch.
Make sure to stay on target and then pause for a response. You don’t want to start the interview by discussing irrelevant topics or tangents.
Trust me, as someone who has conducted more than my share of interviews; nothing has me tune out faster than a weak opening.
Take a deep breath before your interview and remember the employer invited you to interview. They already like something about you and you have beat out plenty of competition. Focus on your strengths and making a connection with the interviewer.
Until next Tuesday…
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