Interviewing: Three Key Things Employers Really Want to Know

In my experience as a hiring manager and from conducting and going on my own interviews, there are three key things an employer looks for when they bring you in for an interview. 

1.       Can You Do the Job?

When you receive an interview, your resume has done its job; you’ve got your foot in the door. Now, the potential employer wants to know if you can do what is on your resume. Are you able to elaborate and explain your methods, philosophy, and approach to business? What can you add that directly correlates with their organization?

And please, refrain from saying, “As it states on my resume…”  You are there for an interview, so talk.

2.       Are You a Good Fit?

If the interviewer will inevitably share an office with you or have you as a direct report, will he or she like you? Try to show a bit of personality and demonstrate how you work within a team. I know you are nervous, but they have other candidates. What can you bring to the environment that they cannot pass up?

3.       Longevity: Will you Stay?

Some interviewers will get straight to the point and ask, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Personally, I hope they do not ask this question — I find this question unoriginal and trite. But enough about me. If the question is not asked directly, make sure you address it.  What sparked your interest in their company?  Have you thought about how you will fit into the new role and add value to the team? What is the career path within their company? Show you are thinking about your future with them. 

 Until next Tuesday…

Comment below: What is the one interview question that stumps you?