Refresh Your Resumé for 2020! Focus on 3 Key Areas for Immediate Impact.

Google “top transferable skills” and prepare to feel overwhelmed!
The first aspect of mastering transferable skills is to recognize the list is and always will be subjective. My list is based on what I’ve seen working with my clients in 2019.
Yes, I can list UX Design, but we are listing transferable skills, and this one is specific.
The first rule of transferable skills is to drop industry specific jargon in favor of the broad terminology.  
Here are a couple examples: Using “cloud computing” in place of “AWS”, or using “planning” in place of “curriculum design.”  
The same skill set of analyzing a specific need and then creating written material to fulfill the need is applied.
Remember you are identifying how your skill set TRANSFERS to the desired position.
How can you help your future employee envision you as the best fit for the open position?
Hard Skills

1. Cloud Computing

2. Business Process Improvement


4. Planning

5. Data Analysis

6. Budget

7. Contracts

8. Time Management

Soft Skills

1. Management

2. Oral & Written Communication

3. Problem-Solving

4. Conflict Resolution

5. Interpersonal Skills

6. Cross-Functional Team Leadership

7. Presentation Skills/Public Speaking

8. Negotiations

Interesting Observation:
According to LinkedIn, “Around 57 percent of leaders attribute more weight in the job hiring process to a candidate’s proficiency in soft skills, which are considered to be more flexible assets to the workplace.”
If you do not recognize a term, look it up! You will not pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System), a.k.a computer screening if you use incorrect keywords. Look the terms up and figure out how you meet the skill.
Now you’re ready to begin your resume! Add your top skills to get the most from your job search!
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