Listen Up Entrepreneurs – How to Leverage LinkedIn Pages and Engage Customers

Are you an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner? If you are not using LinkedIn Pages to engage clients, you are missing out!

According to LinkedIn, 60 percent of users have a median household income of $75K and above! If this demographic matches your clientele, then ask yourself, “Are you leveraging your LinkedIn Pages/Company Page to engage customers?”

I am a member of the National Resume Writers Association and I subscribe to their weekly newsletter. This week I came across an informative article that got me thinking about how I use LinkedIn. Then I thought – If I can use this information, my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners can too.

“If you’ve set up a LinkedIn company page and publish content regularly but haven’t figured out if all of your hard work is paying off, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the data you’ll need to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.” –

Here is the article for your reference:

Quick Tips to Create/Update Your Company’s LinkedIn Pages

Make sure you complete the full page. As with a personal profile, you are rewarded with more visibility for having a complete page!

  1. Create a Company Page – If you have a gray square your business will not hold as much credibility.

You can use your company logo for consistency.

  1. Add your tag line – This is a great way to grab the attention of perspective clients.
  1. The About Section –          Make sure this is not a copy/paste from your personal page.

Why would anyone continue reading your LinkedIn profile if the first impression is repetitive information? Instead, show some personality. And please utilize the first person in your writing. After all, this is a social networking platform. Just remember to keep it professional, this is NOT Facebook!

Ask yourself the following questions:

What drives your business? What do you bring to the table that is unique?

Why does any client want to hire you?

  1. Specialties Section – SEO  Keywords   This is another search field for recruiters and professionals looking for individuals with your skill set.
  1. Get Engaged and Make Connections –

Yes, LinkedIn is a social platform! If you do not use the platform you will not reap the reward. Fun fact, recruiters are more likely to view the page of a person with shared connections. Remember people gravitate towards those they know, like, and trust. You can build trust with by connecting and adding value to your network.

A robust professional portfolio utilizes all platforms to engage potential employers, employees, and clients. Remember to take full advantage of the resources available to improve your professional brand.

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