Nail Your Elevator Pitch. Enter the Next Interview with Confidence!

Professionals get one shot to make a first impression - the interview. Don't enter your next interview without a stellar Elevator Pitch! Use these tips to get started...

The market is flooded with many professionals vying the same job. Within a few months, the job market went from an employee-based advantage to an employer advantage. However, you have talent and value to offer your next employer.

The truth is most professionals are hard-working and many did not foresee “job search” as a top 2020 priority. But here we are.

I am sharing a post from the beginning of this year that is more important now than ever. The first step to gaining your grounding and confidence is nailing your Elevator Pitch!

Depending on your industry and where you are at in your career, you may or may not be familiar with the term.

Let me begin with this statement – A strong, concise Elevator Pitch can make or break your first impression.

What is an Elevator Pitch? The term used to describe your opening statement; a response to the looming question “What do you do?’

Sounds important, right? Now the challenge is ‘what do you say?’ What is the perfect verbiage and what do you divulge?

An Elevator Pitch should run between 1-2 minutes and summarize not only what you do, but your key strengths as a professional. And while this may sound simple enough, the truth is most professionals, including yours truly, struggle with their introductions.

Recently my Elevator Pitch came to me while I was getting ready for the day. I am a firm believer in visual learning and as such, allow me to share my Elevator Pitch with you:

‘Hi, I’m Laura Bashore. I’m a career coach and resume writer who helps professionals pinpoint their value and take control of their careers. I create resumes, LinkedIn profiles, provide interview prep and one-on-one career coaching ranging from job search strategies, salary negotiations, performance evaluations, and more.’

I cannot tell you how relieved and excited I am to have my Elevator Pitch nailed down. I may tweak my verbiage, but I have my base and feel prepared.

What do you think? Does my pitch tell you what I do? Are your interests peaked to learn more about what my company and I have to offer? If the answer is Yes, then I’ve done my job! Now the question is, ‘What’s your Elevator Pitch?’


Until next Tuesday…





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