Planning Your Next Career Move? Don’t Forget This Critical Step!

Put First Things First The first item on the checklist for a professional interested in making a career move is having an updated resume, right? – WRONG – But WHY? Don'f forget this critical step!

Put First Things First

The first item on the checklist for a professional interested in making a career move is having an updated resume, right?

 – WRONG –

But WHY?

While I agree with the premise of having a great resume, if this is your first item, you are behind! A great resume has high-impact data and accomplishments relevant to the next position of interest. What happens if a job opportunity presents itself tomorrow? Are you ready?

Too often we are caught off guard by a layoff, restructuring, or closing of a company. Don’t worry, I have a remedy.

Instead of waiting for the next opportunity, plan your next career move!

It starts by preparing for your next move from Day One.

On the first day of a new job/position CREATE an E-Folder in your personal email account. Anytime you have a work-related accomplishment add it to this new E-Folder.

Let me share a recent example – I have a client who surpassed 2020 Industry fundraising by 28% – during COVID! What a huge accomplishment. This one statement shows three key factors every employer is looking for…

  1. Adaptability
  2. Surpassing Company Goals
  3. Commitment to an Organization

My client is not currently looking for a change, but I advised her to put this into her E-Folder. Now if any opportunity arises within or outside her organization, she is ready!

Most clients do not have an E-Folder when they first use my services. Beginning to create or update can feel overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to open a folder and see your accomplishments at a glance?

Another reason for the folder is to remember the NUMBERS!

Ask any tech nut and they’ll tell you it’s all about the numbers – and they are right! Even in a non-profit, there are numbers to be met and goals to achieve. What if you had a major accomplishment a few years back, but did not keep any documentation? What is more impactful, vague recollection or concrete evidence?

Figure out what numbers drive your industry, organization, and role. Then add your accomplishments to your newly created E-Folder as you go.

What if you haven’t started an E-Folder?


You cannot move forward if you don’t take steps to effect change. Begin from where you are today and MOVE FORWARD

Trust me, you will thank me later 😊


Until Next Tuesday…

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What is the first accomplishment you will add to your E-Folder?!



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