Refresh Your Brand, 2019

Here we are in 2019. I cannot believe it is February!
In January, as typical in the first month of the New Year, we hear about starting new ventures. We should get to the gym, join the next health craze, begin a new hobby, etc.
This post is not about beginning something new but reflecting on the previous year to refresh your Brand.
What is your brand? You don’t own a business, do you? Yes, you do! Your brand is who/what you project as a professional.
Here are some tips for refreshing your brand in 2019.
1. LinkedIn Profile
Is your current job/job title listed in the summary section? Do you have recent accomplishments, milestones, new ventures, you can add to the summary section of your profile? How’s your Profile Picture? Does your photo give an accurate representation of you as a professional?
2. Resume
You don’t need to update your resume because you are not currently looking for work, right? WRONG! Keeping your resume up-to-date ensures you are ready the moment an unexpected opportunity presents itself. Be prepared!
3.  Electronic File
If you are not familiar with this term, here’s a quick Post to explain how being prepared pays off. For those of you who actively read my blog, are you consistently updating your E-File? Are you ready for your next performance evaluation? If not, get there by calendaring time to update your accomplishments and how you are impacting your place of work!
4.  Interview Skills
Even if you are not job searching, brushing up on your interviewing skills is beneficial. Let me explain. Meeting with your manager is an interview. A performance evaluation is an interview. Meeting with new vendors, B2B, B2C, are all interviews. Crafting the right Elevator Pitch, you guessed it, interview. You see where I am going with this, don’t you? You are continually interviewing, make sure you are ready to impress! Practice with friends, family, trusted colleagues, or hire a professional.
Until next Tuesday…
Comment Below: What is the one area you can refresh for immediate impact in 2019?