Resume Tips. Does My Graduation Date Belong on My Resume?

Before I answer the question, “Does My Graduation Date Belong on My Resume?”, Remember resumes are subjective. While I will share my answer, another professional is bound to have a different opinion.
Resume rules are flexible because no two people are alike. There is no one size fits all resume. The ‘standard’ rule on education is to leave the date if you graduated within the last three years. After three years your work experience will override the need to show your graduation date.
I know you are proud of your degree; you should be proud. But being proud does not mean you need to show you earned your degree over a decade ago. Your degree is a stepping stone and a way to gain traction. If your greatest accomplishment on your resume is your degree, you are doing yourself a disservice. Your resume is meant to display who you are as a professional.
However, what if your education is pertinent to the desired position? Simple, remove the date and place your education within the top 1/3rd of your resume. An example of relevant education is a Human Resources degree. If you are applying for an HR position which states, “BA in HR required,” then place your education at the beginning of your resume. If, for example, the position states, “BA required,” leave the education at the end of your resume. The difference between the two statements is one requests a specific degree, and the other requires any four-year degree.
Remember your resume showcases your skills as a professional. Your degree is meant to illustrate your aptitude and educational knowledge. Impress your future boss by demonstrating your on-the-job experience.
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