How we can help you

Offering multiple different yet personal services to help prepare you for your next job or career! Career and resume coaching includes but is not limited to:


Before anything is created we will schedule a phone interview to discuss your career goals and determine how best we can assist in you achieving them. To set up a consultation send us an email to and attach your current resume, cover letter, and any information you want us to have. If you do not have a resume, please take some time to complete this questionnaire and send it with the email.

Resume Review

Once we review your resume, we will provide you with feedback and if the resume needs a slight tweaking, we will charge a minimal fee. If we need to reformat and make significant changes, the fee for Resume Creation will apply.

Resume Creation

After the initial consultation we will mold your resume to fit the job descriptions you are interested in. Your resume is an extended business card and should convey your experience, accomplishments, fit as an employee, and more. You want the top 1/3 of your resume to make the person reading your resume want to continue reading. It is also important to use up-to-date verbiage because the first person scanning your resume may be a receptionist or a computer.

Cover Letter

This is typically paired with a resume. Preferably we will ask you to submit a job lead so we can tailor the cover letter to the lead. However, we can also provide a more general letter and give instructions for tailoring to job leads of your choice. It is not enough to say, “I am interested in XYZ position. Please review my resume”. We will help you stand out so the company of interest wants to read your resume and learn more about you as a candidate.

Resume Package

Our resume package includes: Resume, Cover Letter, Reference Page, and Job Search Log. The reference page will have the same heading as the resume and cover letter to give an overall look and feel to your portfolio. The job search log is something that will help create organization for your job search.

LinkedIn Profile

Possessing a star rated LinkedIn profile will not only enhance your job prospects, but open the door to more opportunities. In the current market, 48% of jobs posted on LinkedIn are only posted on LinkedIn and no other job search sites. Some companies hire from LinkedIn before the job is ever made public. What this means is if you do not have a quality profile, you are missing out on prospective jobs. We will update your profile and turn it into a site that not only looks good, but works for you.

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What clients say

Laura contacted me immediately, and through initial discussion she had a plan to take my resume on to make it reflect the professional I was. There were clear interim communications and refinements, also a plan to provide a cover letter and take my LinkedIn profile to the next level. Within a couple days drafts were sent for review and comment. The products were finalized beautifully and exceeded expectations. All of this was done in less than 5 business days! I would recommend Laura/Anew to anyone looking for a professional makeover.
Matthew H.
Pharmaceuticals Sales
I have some great news! I have accepted a new position with Tableau! Thanks to your guidance and assistance, I feel my updated resume and LinkedIn page were both informative and accurate in representing my experiences and skills, which led to the ideal match in my new position. Keep up the great work and thanks again for your time and assistance!
Michael P.
Commercial Territory Manager, Local Gov & EDU at Tableau Software
I used Anew Resume and Career Services in May 2018. Laura was so wonderful to work with. She was prompt to respond and very professional throughout. She was also very accommodating in helping me navigate through the LinkedIn profile set up features and provided me some very helpful tips and information that I was not aware of. She demonstrated a high degree of knowledge, loyalty, and trustworthiness.
Alexandra M.
Real Estate Broker - Executive