Top Five Essential Job Search Tips

Let’s just dive right into this one…
1. Make an Excel Spreadsheet
Create an Excel spreadsheet that contains where you applied, website, how your resumé was sent and the date you applied. This helps to keep track of your information and also provides a sense of accomplishment in what can feel like the never-ending drudgery of applying for a job.
2. Make a List of your Top Five Companies
Find five companies you would love to work for and check their website each day to find open positions. Don’t miss out on working for your dream company because you were not aware of an opportunity.
3. Utilize Job Boards Properly
Did you know that pulls from other major job sites like Monster, Simply Hired, CareerBuilder, and more? I recommend using Indeed as your main job board site.
TIP: When you find a position on job board sites try going to the company website first and applying directly on the company site. Some organizations will only allow you to apply through Indeed, but if you can apply directly to the company, you will be surpassing another level of screening and going right to the source.
4. LinkedIn
Did you know that some 47 percent of new jobs are only posted on LinkedIn or posted to LinkedIn a week before they are made public? Applying through LinkedIn is sometimes as simple as clicking on a button.
TIP: do not apply through LinkedIn if your profile is not up-to-date and on point!
The person reviewing you LinkedIn application is going to be reviewing your profile as well. Also, do not copy and paste the summary from your resumé into the summary section on LinkedIn. If your information is repetitive, it devalues your profile. Why would someone want to read the same thing over and over again? And finally, upload the pdf format of your resume into the media section in the top portion of your profile. If this sounds overwhelming, there are professionals who can help, Hi — sorry… I couldn’t help that one 😊
5. Create a Schedule and Take a Break
When you are searching for a new job and especially if you are not working, your job is looking for work. Create a schedule for yourself. Think strategically about the industry you are in or interested in and when the first-round resume screeners may be checking email and reviewing resumes. For example, from 8 -10 a.m. most admin will be getting ready for the day, setting the schedule and holding meetings. This is a good time for you to work on submitting your application.
The first 15-minute break in the day is typically at 10 a.m.  After break, people usually check email before getting back into work mode. If your application/resume is in an inbox around this time, you will likely be one of the first for review. Make sure you also take breaks in the day. Sitting in front of a computer for four or five hours at a time will make you tired and more likely to make mistakes while completing your application.
TIP: Be sure to enjoy at least one day on your weekend. Most recruiters and hiring managers are not reviewing applications on Saturdays. When you give yourself and your mind a break, you are refreshed and ready to complete your next application. Until Next Tuesday…
Comment Below: What tips have you found useful in your job search?