Upskilling: How Can I Stay Up to Date on In Demand Skills?

Are you ready to refresh your resumé, but unsure where/how to start?

This week #upskilling is trending in professional conversations.

For many of my clients the number one fear of changing their job, transitioning to a new field, and job searching in general is a lack of confidence in their skill set.

So, is this fear rational or irrational? Let’s explore…

According to a recent IBM Survey, over 120M professionals worldwide will need retraining or upskilling within the next three years. But don’t let that number dissuade your self-worth.

Although this is the headline; most companies will say Soft Skills have more value than Technical Skills. Why?

Because skills such as Communication and Business Acumen require years of on the job training and experience. Technical Skills require a willingness to learn and are taught regardless of experience.

Now hold on, I am not discrediting Technical Skills. Obviously, there is more to UX Design than wanting to learn. However, Communication and Business Acumen are needed in all industries and that will not change!

Don’t believe me? Here is a great article from Bloomberg discussing the discrepancies.

My advice continue to work on your Soft Skills. When you can successfully articulate an innovative idea or map-out a strategic plan, you are valuable. PERIOD!

 Until next Tuesday…

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