Use Transferable Skills to Land Your Next Interview! Tips for writing your resume!

Now you know your transferable skills, the next step is to put your talents to paper – THE RESUME!

Last week’s installment of our Transferable Skills series gave you a list of top hard/soft skills in today’s job market. Click here for a refresher.

How do you list your skills on your resume? My clients often say they do not understand where to place these skills and how to stand out from other candidates.

The best resume is focused and tells a story about your professional attributes. If your resume is generic and doesn’t speak to your achievements, then you will get lost in the shuffle.

Grab attention for the RIGHT reasons with these tips:

1. Create a “Skills” or “Area of Expertise” section to list your transferable skills. You need to have these listed to get past ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems} a.k.a computer screening.

2. Make sure to use your listed skills in the bullets of your resume under experience, career highlights, achievements, etc. If you list a skill but do not show throughout the resume how you are skilled the listed area, then the human eye will give no credibility to your skill and will instead move on to the next candidate.

3. Quantify your statements! You need to show the ROI with hiring you. Think of creating succinct bullets using the C.A.R. method – Context, Action, Result.

It sounds simple but putting these tools to action will result in more interviews. Take the time to describe who you are as a professional so the next hiring manager to review your resume NEEDS to bring you in for an interview!

The last installment of our Transferable Skills series is next Tuesday.

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Until next Tuesday…