Use Transferable Skills to Land Your Next Interview! Tips for writing your resume!

Now you know your transferable skills, the next step is to put your talents to paper - THE RESUME!

There is a fine line between writing a new cover letter for each job you apply for and having a cover letter template. 

Your cover letter should entice a potential employer to continue to read your resume. Too often, we see a cover letter that uses the same verbiage as the summary in the corresponding resumé. The goal should be to remain professional while inserting some personality along with a compelling background story.

Why are you passionate about your industry or the transition into your next endeavor?

Create a template, but leave room for two to three strategically placed sentences that you will update for each position as you apply.

For example, one of my clients worked in manufacturing on an assembly line. She applied for a company that made medical devices for diabetic patients. In her cover letter, she wrote she would work on each device as if it were to be used by one of her relatives.

Patient care was what drove her work. This made her stand out from the crowd and showed she was applying to this specific position/company and not just sending out mass resumes and cover letters.                            

Until next Tuesday…

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