Ready for the Next Step in My Career? When Should I Have My Resume Updated?

It’s the end of May, and in business, that means mid-year and annual reviews are coming. Yearly contracts and grants are also coming up for review. Are you ready for the next step in your career? When is the best time to have your resume updated? The answer, now.

Clients often ask, “When should I have my resume updated?” As a professional, I tell my clients, and I will tell you the best time to update your resume is before you need it! If you wait to update your resume until you are out of a job, stress will lead to a rushed product. We are at our best when we have time to think about the next step in our career and what characteristics/skills we bring to the table.

When reviews come, we either get what we want, or we feel let down. If we feel let down, then we start thinking about finding a new company or changing industries. However, we take another 5-6 months to react and begin applying, which leads to another year with an organization where we do not feel appreciated. In my opinion, nothing is worst in business. If you are leaving your loved ones, free time, and spending over 40 hours a week at work, your hard work better be appreciated. If not, then it’s time to move on!

Next, do you want to work with a professional to update your resume? When you work with a professional resume writer and career services provider, you adhere to their timeline. All professionals are different, and depending on the level of service and customization; you will need about one and two weeks from start to finish for the resume.

I have clients that hire me to upgrade their professional portfolio (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile) and during our consultation, they realize that working with me is not a one-day turnaround because I customize their portfolio. I review the client’s most recent resume or written work history against the position the client is applying/will be applying for and then ask the client to answer specific questions geared towards helping their portfolio stand out. Yes, some keywords need inclusion for each industry and position.

If your resume looks the same as the other candidates, you will not emerge as the top candidate, and you will apply to over 50 positions to get one interview.

Hiring a professional to update your resume increases your chances in the job market. The best time to update your resume is before you NEED it!

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