Why You Need an Interview Coach

Let’s begin with a typical first conversation between a client and myself. I answer the phone and say, “Why don’t we start with you sharing your current job search experience with me.”
My client will discuss his/her background and add context to the current job search status. Quite often my client will say, “I’m not moving forward after the interview. I need to re-work my resume.”
Is this you? Are you currently in this situation and need to revamp your resume?
If you are getting invitations to interview, the resume is not the problem. You need to address your interviewing skills!
Assisting clients with interviewing is the most difficult yet rewarding part of my work in career services.
The first steps, as with any problems, is to admit you have a problem. Yes, you may be qualified, and yes you may be the best candidate on paper, but if you cannot communicate your greatness in person, you will not get hired.
Thus, hiring an interview coach is essential to your success and career.
I empower business professionals to take control of their career by teaching them the skills and techniques to nail an interview. I am a soundboard to bounce ideas. We create answers to those problematic behavioral questions that never seem to come out right at the time of the interview.
Allowing yourself to receive real/honest feedback can make all the difference in your skill set. Interviewing is a skill just like CRM database management, Excel, etc. Practice will hone your interviewing capabilities. And be honest, what have you got to lose?
Until next Tuesday…
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