Why Your Address Does Not Belong on Your Resume.

Do you know how much of your address to put in the header of your resume? Learn what to add and what to leave off your resume for the best results.

How do you display your address on your resume?

You may think the questions is strange, but it’s not. Do you know there is strategic advantage and reason for placing your full address, just the county, or leaving your address off the resume entirely?

If you answered, “No” prepare to have your world rocked because I’m about to share information that will change your views on the simple act of adding your address to your resume.

  1. When Should I Use My Full Address on My Resume?

My advice is next to never and here is why.

Almost a decade ago I was in the room with my Regional Director and fellow managers determining which candidates to bring in for an interview. We had no information on the candidates aside from resumes and cover letters.

Our location was Escondido, California (San Diego) and one Candidate was located in El Cajon       (San Diego). The commute was an average of 45 minutes, which is long for San Diego. The Regional Director argued against bringing the Candidate in for an interview because of his address. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. My boss decided, without even interviewing the Candidate, that the commute was too long!

Do you want a potential employer deciding if you are a good fit based on your address? I don’t think so.

My advice is put the county instead of the city. It’s the truth and will ensure your ability to decide if the commute is worth your while.

  1. Use the Common Area

Common area refers to a section of the community that draws heavy commuters and is known by a ‘name’ in the area.

My West Coast example is the Bay Area. The Bay Area refers to San Francisco and nearby cities. Professionals regularly commute an average of two hours within this area. When you place ‘Bay Area’ on your resume you signal a willingness to work within the area.

My East Coast example is the DMV. On the East Coast, DMV refers to D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Again, it is a region filled with commuting professionals and placing the term DMV on your resume means you are willing to work in the area.

  1. Can I Leave My Address Off the Resume?

The answer is, it depends on the reason. If you are relocating, leaving your address off the resume eliminates confusion. The resume is not the place to disclose your move, your cover letter will discuss relocation.

If you are moving from Austin, TX to San Diego, CA why would you put Austin, TX on the resume? The recruiter or hiring manager might think one, you submitted your application by mistake, or two may exclude your application because he/she doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of relocation.

On the other hand, if you put San Diego the recruiter may think you are local and then feel frustrated if you are unavailable to jump on a plane and interview. Do yourself a favor and leave your address off the resume. It’s not uncommon in the current market to only include email and phone on the resume.

  1. P.O. Box – No

Hopefully this one is obvious, using a P.O. Box doesn’t instill confidence or trust. Instead the induvial screening your resume is extremely interested in where you live. This opens more questions than leaving your address off the resume completely.

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